A downloadable game

Built in MonoGame. 

Only tested on Windows 10. Published here 9/8/2018


NOTE: If you have a controller plugged in it will take priority of that (SO YOU GOTTA UNPLUG TO GET MOUSE AND KEYBOARD TO WORK FOR NOW). I have mapped controller support, but would suggest mouse and keyboard over that. When I have time I plan on removing it.

- Mouse Left click hold to shoot hookshot

- Space bar to pull yourself towards towards the anchor point

- Let go of left click to unhook.

- Mouse scroll to zoom in and out


Marcus Holm - Producer

Zach Gainer- Art

Branden Craghead - Tech Art

Kent Phan - Engineer

An Zhu - Engineer

Install instructions

This is a prototype game made in two weeks in monogame. Requires Windows 10.

To run game:

1. download zip

2. unzip

3. run the executable in the top folder.


Escapenstein.zip 13 MB

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